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DDE Dynasty Software-Development-Methodo

Banking Platform & Expert Systems

For Neobanks, FinTech Providers, MNOs, and Engineering

Cloud-Native Banking Platform and Expert Systems
for the contemporary needs, at a lower cost.

Dynasty new offering is a brand-new digital banking and financial platform. A cloud-native, real-time infrastructure to lower the operating and maintenance costs, by leveraging the latest in technology. Software development is the core of Dynasty R&D and Engineering.

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NextGen Banking

Dynasty Core Basics (DCB) have been built for Neobanks needing loans and savings accounts, payment of bills or money transfers, and other services directly on the mobile phone. DCB address every part of the value chain through its agile and lean frameworks. Branch-less banking is the new standard where the only infrastructure for miles around is a cell tower. DCB is optimized for any currency or language, fast and easy to be deployed to realize neo-banks plans. DCB can help to extend the offerings to increase customers engagement and achieve targeted markets.


Digital Banking

Dynasty Core Basics (DCB) being a cloud-native platform is secure, highly scalable, agile, and robust with minimum requirements for operation and upgrade efforts. DCB provides the option of a complete platform lifecycle support that include, but not limited to, day to day operations, enhancements, developments, and upgrades so digital banks can keep focus on their core business functions and increase customer acquisitions.

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Banking Modernization

DCB platform is optimized for any currency or language and are easy-to- operate APIs to integrate the accounting/payment infrastructure. Connecting with the customer on a personal level is essential these days, DCB can help providing compelling complementary financial products from Know your customer to know your business, to access emerging ecosystems and platforms with true functional differentiation. DCB provide real-time financial services to improve the relationship with the Incumbent banks.

For FinTech & Engineering 

Platform ready and pre-configured modules and functionalities for rapid, secure deployment.

NextGen Banking

Digital transformation has become essential for neobanks to apply their business model and improve the customer experience, operational efficiency, and business economics. Dynasty DCB platform and products are optimized for every part of the NeoBanks value chain, and can be accessed by a non-banking service provider through Dynasty agile and lean frameworks. Branchless banking is the new standard where the only infrastructure for miles around is a cell tower. DCB suite can help to realize neobank plans.

Mobile Network Operators

Dynasty can enable Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to efficiently operate with loan origination agencies, remittance providers and banks to deliver financial services to the customers as never before. MNOs looking to improve their performance can incorporate Dynasty products as an integral part of their value supply chain to deliver digital mobile banking. Dynasty products can enhance MNOs performance, particularly through reduction in “customer churn” and increases in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

FinTech Providers

Dynasty DCB platform has been built for a better digitized customer experiences to support to respond to evolving customer demands. DCB provides the agility, flexibility, and scalability to respond to incumbent banking needs to evolve their customer demands. Dynasty offers the base to remain competitive, and the agile approach for the systemic migration and deployment of a banking modernization. Dynasty can leverage the strengths of an incumbent bank by balancing incumbency and innovation.

White Label 

Create branchless banking solutions and deliver top-notch financial services to make customers choose your bank and stay for life, using Dynasty subscription-based model, fast and budget-friendly. Dynasty white-label banking app delivers everything required for your digital-only bank success and ensures a frictionless experience for your customers. Individuals (ewallet, neobank, money remittance, currency exchange) Merchants (payment acceptance via POS or online). Scalable to sustain fast growing monthly transactions.

We  can help to start a qualification process, and/or deployment plans. 

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