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      To maximize the benefits of technology

Dynasty offers expertise that deliver important benefits to products and projects. Dynasty technologists can help to integrate with your solutions.

Leveraging Core Competencies

Minds and skills to provide useful, intuitive, and responsible know-how.

Dynasty core competencies are in product development, decision support, and Bayesian Networks. Dynasty software is designed to have an open architecture, enabling quick and easy integration with expert systems and knowledge-base software.

Analysis & Design

Automation Capabilities

Using the very latest in analysis and design techniques, and specialized tools for requirements analysis, Use Case determination, and object modeling. Design can address and resolve information aggregation requirements, as well the issues of the overall system. Monterey Labs R&D team employs agile methodologies. Our “Prototype to Product” approach can help to transition from an idea/vision level to a complete product.


Creating Possibilities

Our engineering approach helps in what the “lean startup” movement has done for fast-growing companies, by adopting engineering in an agile way. All requirements and constraints are considered to guarantee the functional and technological feasibility when in the production context. The integration between Engineering and Design, allows the optimization of the engineering cycle and the development times and costs.

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Expert Systems

Expand Reach

Dynasty utilize machine-learning for its expert systems by leveraging the inference engine procedures. We provide the ability to “jumpstart” projects and to minimize the design, development and deployment cycles. By leveraging predictive modeling, Dynasty helps to handle the uncertainties and the unknowns encountered in workflow processes by processing the algorithms needed to help analysts and engineers to exploit business-oriented solutions.

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