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Expert Systems 

Applying the Engineering Know-How and Expertise

Dynasty Expert Systems range from the Dynasty Intelligent Framework (DIF), to the Dynasty Decision Support (DDS), to the Dynasty Triage Advisor (DTA), to the multi-patented Dynasty Development Environment (DDE).

To Improve Probabilistic Systems

For building efficient applications, and operationalize AI. 

Dynasty competencies are in banking platforms, product development, decision support, and Bayesian Networks. Dynasty software is designed to have an open architecture, enabling quick and easy integration with expert systems and knowledge-base software.


Improving Business Performance

Dynasty Intelligent Framework (DIF) provides highly flexible, adaptive modules for dynamic process management. DIF operates under the concept of achieving goals characterized by specific activities’ state, business objects’ conditions, and policies. DIF pursue goals that have to be met, including performance metrics like key performance indicators (KPIs). DIF can help in handling the uncertainties and unknowns encountered in workflow processes.


Iterative and Incremental 

Dynasty Decision Support (DDS) is an integrated environment that interfaces existing computer-based monitoring and maintenance systems. DDS uses Bayesian technology to enable a powerful decision-support systems for flexible easy to use. DDS supports the evolution and growth of diagnostic and prognostic technologies, as the needs of the systems change, as well when new research yields towards AI based methods and techniques.

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Scalability, Portability, Reusability

Dynasty Development Environment (DDE) is a visual, component-based development environment that provides a powerful framework for building open, distributed applications. The application framework enables developers to build multi-tier applications by utilizing object-oriented programming or application partitioning. With DDE, developers can build durable, high-performance applications easy to develop, deploy, and maintain.


   Bayesian Networks Technology  

Dynasty Triage Advisor (DTA) uses Bayesian technology from Hugin Expert  to enable a powerful medical decision-support solution that is easy to use, flexible, and appropriate for patient or healthcare provider use. Using the most mathematically sound principles (uncertainty and belief networks) as well as the most up to date statistics for decision-making, this is the first automated decision-support solution that actually emulates the way the most experienced physicians make triage, diagnostic and therapeutic judgements.

bayesian network v1.jfif

Main Capabilities
Leveraging knowledge-based architecture, via inference engine, with explanation facility for knowledge acquisition.

Enhance Productivity

DIF can enable developers to leverage transactional architectures, inference engines using artificial intelligence technologies. DIF uses mathematical principles and it can be useful when there are requirements to build a bridge between the work procedures specific to a particular business and the general-purpose applications.


DIF provide the means to produce business-oriented solutions by applying Bayesian reasoning logic by learning from every interaction and re-formulating processes on the basis of context and previous events. DIF improves business performance with a broad set of capabilities for visual analysis, discovery, reporting, and forecasting.

Rapid Deployment

DIF provide the ability to “jumpstart” projects and to minimize the design, development and deployment cycles.  DIF provides knowledge-base technology to implement applications thanks to a scalable architecture that allows the components to remain independent and compatible with numerous environments,

Learning Patterns

DIF leverages predictive modeling to handle the uncertainties and the unknowns encountered in workflow processes technologies to emulate the way experienced experts make diagnostic judgments. DIF operates by learning from every interaction and re-formulating processes on the basis of context and previous events.

"Prediction is difficult—especially about the future"
Neils Bohr
Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922

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